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Half-Nekkid Thursday

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I am a bit late today. But thought it was about time I put a bump picture up. This is 24 weeks, still 15 weeks to go. I am going to be enormous! People keep asking if I am due soon.


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I’ll be honest, my first thoughts when Pinky mentioned hypnobirthing was: “Yes dear, whatever hippy stuff will make you happy.” Scepticism was rife of course, that’s just who I am.

Tomorrow is our second class and it has taken me a week to sift through my opinions and thoughts on the matter, but the outcome is oddly positive. (Blogging about it might have been more delayed had Pinky not pointed out how sporadic my posts are already, but I prefer to think I digest longer before raising an opinion…) I truly think this works.

You read correctly. It’s still early in the process, but from what I’ve heard and learnt so far makes perfect sense. Birth is not and was never meant to be painful. The pain stems not from the birth itself but the fighting of the body’s natural process. It’s uncomfortable to be sure, but the female body is beautifully engineered to achieve this pinnacle of procreation. There is no physiological reason for pain.

Pain stems from our ingrained belief that it should be present. Think about the last birth you saw in some tv show, there was lots of anguish and screaming right? I know that was my only perception. Imagine now, for our male readership of none, that you have to start the journey of pregnancy knowing it will culminate in this arduous seperation of baby and mother. I’d be tense and panic stricken too, at the very least.

That’s where the videos (so many videos!) and self-hypnosis comes in. Not to brainwash the pain away, but to help keep you calm and let the fantastic machine that is your body just do its job. I was flabbergasted and, I’ll admit, my mouth was agape in considering this gap in my knowledge. Apart from from the little common knowledge we all pick up, I too had accepted that it hurt, and that was just how it was.

Learning and realising that pain was self induced from fighting the contractions, was an eye opener. To that end, the very shy geek will gladly help share the video in the hopes that the message can be spread. Apart from some names for birthing that avoid making birth sound like a design flaw in us, hypnobirthing made sense.

And to a geek, that *really* matters ;) I’m looking forward to helping Pinky achieve the birth she wants.

PS #Koos is kicking like a pro :D

To video or not to video

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I know without a shadow of a doubt that I do not want any more people at the birth. Circumstances being what they are we already have the midwife, the kids and someone to look after the kids during labour, probably Yme’s mom. Then Sharon will be there for photos and of course me and Yme. Yes sounds like a merry circus. But I am actually hoping that it is at night and that the kids will sleep. If they want they can come in at the end or just afterwards.

Sharon is going to take some pics for me, mostly what we want is a memory of the birth as an intimate time between the Geek and I. The moments of him getting to see #Koos for the first time. I am guessing no one including me really wants a whole lot of snap shots of the business end of things LOL. That said even the few I have from Rachel’s birth do not actually show that much as the water distorts and it is not very graphic. It is rather funny to see a half out baby – sorry TMI moving on swiftly!

In preparing for this birth and the hynposis I have been watching a lot of hypnobirth videos so that the images I have in my mind from watching lots of birth can start to be replaced with some calm and peaceful non screaming in agony ones. The trouble is that I can never find enough. Hence my thought about videoing the birth. I would love to be able to add to the You Tube library of birth that other moms can watch and get encouragement from that comfortable birth is possible. I have also been asked by Parent24 if I would consider a video as they have so few natural birth videos. I would love to show that natural birth is not only possible but that it can be calm and peaceful. If I don’t for some reason get it right, and am making “lots of noises” as Rachel tells Caleb about his birth, then the video will be deleted LOL

I was thinking about a video set up on a tripod, so no extra people being present as it would then just be ridiculous and not intimate , I would wear a bikini or strappy top ( the way I did with Caleb’s birth) and the focus would again not be on the business end but rather coping with labour, breathing the baby down and then our bonding moments just after birth. The water does obscure things and I have seen videos where you really don’t see the gory details.

So what do you think, video or not?

Half-Nekkid Thursday

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mohers hands

I have moved away from he bump and pregnancy photos today as it did not seem appropriate in the light of all that is going on here. The Geek’s sister is very unwell in hospital, she had to have emergency surgery last night. I was at home with the kids while the Geek was with his mom at the hospital.

I went into my daughters room and just sat holding there holding her hand. As a mom they always say that when you have a kid it is like having your heart walking around outside your body. Seeing them hurt is horrible, you would do anything to take their pain away. I have sat at the bedside of a sick child when I watched Pinklet boy struggle for every breath at 5 months on a breathing machine. It is the most helpless, scary feeling in the world, you so wish you could fight for them or take it all on yourself.

Ouma Annatjie The Geek’s mom sat with her daughter last night and I know this must be hurting her so much. She is so good to the Pinklets and me, she has welcomed us into the family and the kids adore her. Being a mom is such a hard job and it does not get less painful because they get older.

First Hypnobirthing Class

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Last night the Geek and I dropped the kids at Ouma Annatije and went to our first hypnobirthing lesson with Kim from Beautifully Born (@HypnoBirthBB ) I had read the book and knew a lot about hypnosis and birth, even having tried a home study course before but felt on the birthing days I kind of let the tension cycle take over.

To understand how I feel about birth you have to understand my first birth, it was at home 40weeks +1day I had a long latent stage of labour. Uncomfortable the evening before, saw midwife in the morning 3cm and not really in pain but contractions ( surges) were regular enough. Things really started at about 7pm was 5cm then, thought we had a long way to go. Got in the pool and daughter was born at 9,45pm. So I had a homebirth with no meds with my first baby, quick active stage. Most people would say that was a good birth.

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