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Kung Fu Fighting!

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I don’t mean to over dramatize this, but #koos almost felt like he was trying to do just that last night! Most of the time he is content to shuffle around, just poking a leg here or there, but, much to Pinky’s chagrin, every now and then he does a full kata session in there.

It’s very difficult to bring across the emotions I feel when not just feeling, but actually seeing him rummage around in Pinky. While you would imagine it being slightly disturbing, it isn’t. I do feel sorry for Pinky that gets prodded at all times of the day, but mostly I feel (undeservedly) proud. And curious… I so badly wish I had my own personal ultrasound machine so I can watch him as he learns and explores his cocooned world consisting of legs, arms and membrane. I constantly wonder what neural connections are being made right now and how (or if) it affects who he’ll become.

It’s not too long now before I can finally meet him. As we say in Afrikaans: “min dae.”

HNT – when a professional click the camera.

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My friend Catherine came to take some pictures while the kids were away last week. She was great. I felt so relaxed, it was fun. Easier to do without the kids, but I really missed them.

I totally love this picture she got. Thanks Cazpi.

I am now in Pta fetching the kids, will be home on Tuesday. Lovely to see friends here and visit my parents. It was so special seeing the kids again. But I miss The Geek, I miss us all together in our house. It will be good to be home next week.

< TMI >

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Family members and those likely to be embarassed by sexual admissions, please scroll on by!

I think it’s time to just state matter of factly how sexy I find Pinky right now. It might be the glowing smile and general broodiness, the fact that I find her gorgeous or even a biological drive to the mother of my child… but I can’t keep my hands to myself.

Beyond my new obsession with her tummy, I often look at her and I’m floored by how beautiful and radiant she looks. Having the kids at their grandparents has definitely helped with the banking for later! ;)

< /TMI >

#Koos has a name!

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Well as long as one of us does not change our minds, which is always a possibility, but seeing as this is the ONLY boys name we have even vaguely agreed on, I think it might just stay. The Geek said he suggested it before and I said no but I can’t remember. Maybe I am more desperate now. I heard the name on the radio and phoned The Geek and was sure he would say no, but he didn’t. He said oh he likes it, I was floored, so just like that we seem to have a name. Many of you have been in our our name discussions before and they were not always pretty, but seems like we did the impossible, the 2 most stubborn people in the world actually agree.

We pronounce it the same, we both like it, it has a lovely meaning – Honorable.

We are not going to share it yet, it was so hard to find that we don’t want to hear any negative thoughts on what we decided, at least after the birth and he is named then people tend not to tell you they think the name sucks.

And we have to keep some surprises, seeing as we know he is a boy, but he gets to keep is all guessing as for his actually birthday and then we will share his name. I feel so much better knowing we have at least 1 option. #Koos will not be nameless. Yay!

Half-Nekkid Thursday: very-cross-veins

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Half-Nekkid Thursday is hosted by Osbasso at Views From The Back Row

Join in it is fun and can be as risqué or not as you like

Here are the HNT Rules

I had nice legs, yes it was a while ago. Okay I admit it might have been high school the last time I gotten complements on them.  But I have always quite liked my legs.

Pregnancy has totally ruined my legs! Well one at least, my right leg is covered in spider veins. We used to joke as kids that varicose veins were called very-cross-veins. Well I have them! I am devastated.