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Unassisted birth again?

Posted on 21. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Not everyone knows but I had an unassisted birth with my 2nd child. Here is the birth story and an article I wrote for parent24.

So I have naturally been asked if I am going to do it again. The answer is no. I do not think that South Africa has an adequate backup system for me to consider this option. In the UK you phone 999 an ambulance arrives minutes later ( I lived in a well staffed area) the NHS hospitals have to admit you, you do not need a specific Dr at the hospital before they will see you. I was known to the system and had a file with the midwives so it would be an easy transfer if I was worried. Here it is not the same. State hospitals are understaffed and private work only with patients known to the Drs that work there, which I can understand.

So this left me to find a midwife that was willing to be really hands off. I found the perfect midwife that believes in undisturbed birth but sods law she is leaving CT for Durban at the end of February and I am due in mid March. Although Caleb was 2 weeks before due date, it can’t be guaranteed

So the hunt was on again. I found a lady in Muizenberg who worked at Mowbray Active birth unit and backed up at hospital in Pinelands and she was willing to do home births in Northern Suburbs but I was not totally thrilled with the long distance to the backup hospitals.

When we made the offer on the house in Dynefontein/Melkbosstrand I looked to see if there were midwives in the area and there is one. She also covers Northern Subs and has backup Drs in both areas for close transfer if needed. I am going to meet her in Monday and really hope she is open to being very hands off. Slowly but surely everything is falling into place for home birth 3. Now I need to do is: make sure that pinkbun is only one or convince them I can home birth twins, find a birth pool hire in CT, move too our bigger house and twists The Geeks skeptical mind to come with me to Hypnobirthing classes.

9w5d bump

Posted on 18. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky


Yes yes I am well aware that at 9 weeks there should not be a bump but there is so I might as well show you.

Fits in with The Geek posting how big #pinkbun is, so if it is only an inch one has to wonder what all the rest of that is, too many melted cheese sandwiches? They are one of the few things I like eating.

2 lines

Posted on 22. Jul, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

So, the Geek and I were sitting on the couch, watching The Big Bang Theory last Friday night, yes, and I AM aware of how exciting our lives are. Nothing like laughing at Sheldon’s social ineptitude to make one forget the looming question. I had mentioned to the Geek, that I thought I might be pregnant a few days before, but he was sure I was over reacting and reading stuff into every little twinge, and my not-dropping temperature*. I had asked him to get a pee-on-the-stick test on the way home. I could not face the questions from Pinklet1 just yet, as to “What’s that box with a baby picture, mommy and why are you buying it?”

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