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Home Birth Plans

Posted on 21. Feb, 2011 by pinky in Pinky, Uncategorized


I think I can finally say that I have everything ready for the birth. You would think that this being my 3rd homebirth I would know what you need and be a pro at planning. I always remember getting a big box of things ready and then whether we even used half of them I have no idea as you are not exaclty paying attention to what people are doing around you during labour.

So this time we have a table set up and I think I have everything.

Pool stuff:
Pool is blown up and in the study out of the way – just needs extra air added when needed, it has been cleaned and sterilized and we have the tap attachments so it can be filled. I am a bit worried that it takes long to fill but there is not much I can do about that.
I have plastic drop sheets for under the pool, heaps of towels, and old duvet to put under too to make it softer. I have the 2 packets of salt that we are supposed to put in the water to make it more sterile, I have heard mixed things about if this is really necessary but it does not do any harm and the midwives seem to be happier if you do it so I got the salt.

I have clothes for me
Very sexy tracksuit pant and big t-shirt for before the pool
and a swim top for in the pool. I want to be able to share some pics and video and felt more comfortable with a top on in Caleb’s birth than nothing in Rachel’s birth.

I have stuff for baby
hot waterbottles
new nappies I made specially for him as his first nappy
I have hats of various sizes

I have labour snacks, both the other times I planned snacks and never used them, so this time again I have stuff planned and not sure if I will use it but I am nearly positive that The Geek will make sure I eat something. He is sweet and over protective like that.

I have empty ice-cream tub for the placenta
I have box lined with big bag for rubbish, bucket, cleaning stuff ( handy andy, jik, cloths, paper towel etc)
I have the camera and video camera on the table all charged and ready
Linen savers for the bed and extra plastic covers for the couch if I want to sit there after the birth so it does not get wet or messed on, I have towels and old sheets to put over this on the couch
I have candles

Just need do sort out music and maybe some affirmation posters. Although I think i will just write a list of words I find useful and suggestions that The Geek and the Midwife can use when I am in labour. Usually have my eyes closed so I doubt I will read the posters.

Anything I have forgotten?

Place your bets

Posted on 15. Feb, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

We are in the final stretch, technically #Koos could come anytime now and it would be okay. I have everything ready but that is another post all together.The ins and outs of planning a homebirth.

There have been some guess as to when he might arrive so I thought it might be fun to do a prediction post.

Just add your comment with:
- the day you think he will arrive.
- his weight
- the time
- and a guess at his name if you like.

Let’s see who is closest.

You are so brave

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I would be rich if I could have a Rand for every time someone has said this to me about home birthing.
I don’t blame people for saying it and I am not upset at any of my friends who have said these words to me, it is how they honestly feel. With the way we have been conditioned to think about birth, I don’t really blame them, but it makes me sad.

Bravery according to my good friend Wikipedia means the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

To say that I am brave to have a home birth implies that it is something you would need courage to face as it must be inherently dangerous/painful or horrible. We have been so conditioned into thinking that birth is something that needs to be medically managed and controlled that the thought of anything different gives the idea of risk.

This idea is concreted in our minds when we see TV shows about woman on their back screaming in pain and the medical staff being the ones to save the day. The mom looks like she is being tortured. We buy into this, birth looks scary and we expect it to be sore. The amazing thing about our minds is that the more you tell it something is true the more the subconscious start to believe this.

But what if this is not true, what if we are perpetuating a lie. But the more it happens, as we have been taught to expect, the more the idea of anything different becomes harder and harder for people to believe. After all either their own birth, or that of the mother, friend, granny, colleague is a testament to the fact that birth is painful and goes wrong a lot.

Given this belief it is easy to see why most women are not keen to take this perceived risk. They want to be in hospital where they can get help if all of the horrors happen, or even better yet they can totally avoid all this unpleasantness and have a planned day in theater with a Dr in control and the idea that less can go wrong.

If we look at the history of birth and the statistical facts about risk and safety we soon scratch away this layer of horror that surrounds birth and we see that the truth might actually be something very different. I had 2 home births and while they were wonderful they were painful and quite difficult. In a way being a midwife and a normal person exposed to media I was also convinced it was supposed to be sore. This time I am birthing not only at home which is statistically still very safe but I am trying to challenge the subconscious perception that it is supposed to be painful.

My births were amazing. I did them drug free and statistically for a low risk pregnancy the outcome for baby and mother is still better for normal birth with minimal intervention. Yet I am considered the brave one, when if you look at research I actually had the safest births.

I think it is sad that birthing normally has become equated with bravery. As I said I understand why and I don’t blame people for the way they feel. I just think it is sad.

My next post I think I will do on why birth does not have to be painful and traumatic. Maybe as the number of people that have calm comfortable births increase the idea that it has to be agony can be challenged.

First Hypnobirthing Class

Posted on 17. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Last night the Geek and I dropped the kids at Ouma Annatije and went to our first hypnobirthing lesson with Kim fromĀ Beautifully Born (@HypnoBirthBB ) I had read the book and knew a lot about hypnosis and birth, even having tried a home study course before but felt on the birthing days I kind of let the tension cycle take over.

To understand how I feel about birth you have to understand my first birth, it was at home 40weeks +1day I had a long latent stage of labour. Uncomfortable the evening before, saw midwife in the morning 3cm and not really in pain but contractions ( surges) were regular enough. Things really started at about 7pm was 5cm then, thought we had a long way to go. Got in the pool and daughter was born at 9,45pm. So I had a homebirth with no meds with my first baby, quick active stage. Most people would say that was a good birth.

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I found a Midwife

Posted on 04. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

After thinking I would be luck to just find a midwife in my area, let alone someone I actually liked, I was pleasantly surprised to meet Marcha on Monday. She works in the Northern Suburbs and in Melkbos, in fact she lives in Melkbos which is ideal as we will have moved by the time the baby is born. She has back up Drs in both areas which I liked rather than thinking about trying to transfer to Mowbray with a third baby.

I met her for an informal chat on Monday and besides Caleb crying through the whole visit, I really clicked with her. She had an unassisted birth with her 3rd baby and is very open to being there just as a safety net and not to be over involved. She is Afrikaans and I think this will be a great support to The Geek, as I think he might need her more than me. This is not my first time and it is his, I tend to be very introspective in birth but he might need someone just to say that all is normal and okay. You know what I have not even asked him if he has ever even seen a birth. Even a YouTube one. ” Geek have you ever seen a birth?”

It was her backup Dr that we did the scan with and he is happy to leave most of the care to her which is cool, he did not try force any tests or unnecessary things on me for which I was grateful, all in all I am very happy with the team that I have found.

So tick it is just one baby.
tick I have found a team that I like.
Yay all is feeling more settled now.