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< TMI >

Posted on 10. Dec, 2010 by geek in The Geek

Family members and those likely to be embarassed by sexual admissions, please scroll on by!

I think it’s time to just state matter of factly how sexy I find Pinky right now. It might be the glowing smile and general broodiness, the fact that I find her gorgeous or even a biological drive to the mother of my child… but I can’t keep my hands to myself.

Beyond my new obsession with her tummy, I often look at her and I’m floored by how beautiful and radiant she looks. Having the kids at their grandparents has definitely helped with the banking for later! ;)

< /TMI >

Dear Geek

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I have been doing the 30 days of Truth meme over on my own blog. There have been a lot of days questions where I could have written about The Geek but did not. The one was about someone who makes your life worth living and many said their partner, I said I had to find worth in myself and that others could only adding meaning and pleasure. There was one about someone you could not live without and again I said having lost the true me in my marriage before the person I could not live without was the Pink Hair Girl inside. Then today the topic was on writing a play list to someone, I chose my daughter, again many did their partners.

I made me feel a little bad, but for those questions and that Meme those answers seemed like the best ones. It does not mean that The Geek is not the man I want to spend forever with or that I value him any less. Anyone who follows this blog knows that The Geek does not find blurting all he feels out all over a blog as easy as I do. But when he does sit down and share his thoughts and words they are always touching and show how deeply he does thinks and feels about things.

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