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Lets talk about Boobs

Posted on 08. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

The mere fact of having boobs is a novelty for me. I love love love my newish implants. They have made the world of difference to me. It is not that I think about them all the time in fact I think about boobs less if that makes sense, it is now a non issue. I can get dressed and not stress that whatever I am wearing looks odd, as it was made to be filled by a more womanly shape. I don’t worry as much when clothes shopping. I don’t walk in a mall and wonder if people notice how flat chested I am. I don’t dread bra shopping, knowing that even the smallest size will not work but that I needed to wear something as no one like the smuggling smarties look.

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13 weeks bump

Posted on 08. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky


So we are a day away from 13 weeks and officially clear of the first trimester.

I am showing a lot and bigger clothes are required. Maternity clothes are expensive and yuck. But luckily the general fashion seems to be for slightly longer stuff so I have managed to get a few normal things at half the price of maternity stuff.

I really wanted one of those cool geek pregnant t-shirts, but at $25 ex postage I was not about to be buying one soon. Then @cazpi on Twitter kindly offered to print some for me. I got some Tees in Woolies and can’t wait for my

“this is what happens when geeks meet on the interwebs”

And download in progress.

I also quite like [baby]


So this is my bump in a top I was trying on in the Woolies change room, Sharon @queenofcomplex did not like it, but it shows the bump