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#Koos has a name!

Posted on 10. Dec, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Well as long as one of us does not change our minds, which is always a possibility, but seeing as this is the ONLY boys name we have even vaguely agreed on, I think it might just stay. The Geek said he suggested it before and I said no but I can’t remember. Maybe I am more desperate now. I heard the name on the radio and phoned The Geek and was sure he would say no, but he didn’t. He said oh he likes it, I was floored, so just like that we seem to have a name. Many of you have been in our our name discussions before and they were not always pretty, but seems like we did the impossible, the 2 most stubborn people in the world actually agree.

We pronounce it the same, we both like it, it has a lovely meaning – Honorable.

We are not going to share it yet, it was so hard to find that we don’t want to hear any negative thoughts on what we decided, at least after the birth and he is named then people tend not to tell you they think the name sucks.

And we have to keep some surprises, seeing as we know he is a boy, but he gets to keep is all guessing as for his actually birthday and then we will share his name. I feel so much better knowing we have at least 1 option. #Koos will not be nameless. Yay!


Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I have decided to nickname the baby Koos until we think of something better. It is not a name that either of us like, and I hope this motivates us to stop being so full of nonsense and find a name, well by that I mean The Geek must stop being full of nonsense I am of course the bearer of Koos, and am so at least 99% right all the time :P

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The battle of names

Posted on 09. Oct, 2010 by geek in The Geek

Having decided to find out the gender has one big advantage I can’t wait for: halving the list of possible names!

It’s probably the most contentious and inciting issue, and one that I don’t see ending anytime soon. The cause is of course both of us being incredibly stubborn to start with and then feeling so strongly on this matter.

Pinky has a valid point in that she wants the name to be pronouncable, and sound the same in both Afrikaans and English. I want it to be conceivably Afrikaans like and semi unique at least. She likes names of Celtic and Gaelic origin, I prefer Scandinavian and Nordic origins.

The key is for me to not take a name rejection as personal and we’ll be ok. That, or I just have to get the form and run! ;)

A rose by any other name

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

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Yes I know it is very early to be thinking of names but I think we need all the time we can get. With my other 2 my ex did not contribute at all he just said no to every name. He did not like any unusual names at all so they had to be very normal. Poor Rachel did not even have a name for the first month. He called her Monkey as she was born in the year of the monkey. And actually even after he gave in and just named her Rachel, because he had no other ideas, and it was the name I liked, he still called her Monkey for months.

This time The Geek wants to be involved. Now the hard part is we are finding it difficult to agree on anything. He takes it so personally when I do not like the names he suggests, whereas I am perpared for us each throwing out hundreds of names and the other not liking them until we finally have a short list.I think one of the problems is that I am English and so lean strongly to English names, he is Afrikaans and leans towards Afrikaans names. All I want is a name that we as parents will pronounce the same way. English and Afrikaans puts different stresses on names and there are a few he has suggested like Bianca, that we say totally differently. And while we have all have our names pronounced differently in life, I think it is important that at home everyone calls you the same thing.

So we need ideas, they can we wacky and way-out and different. In fact The Geek likes different names. Maybe someone will come up with something we have not thought of. A name is important and it is defining. I always thought my name was rather plain and I guess that is why I actually like using both my first and second names.

I have no idea if we are having a second name. I did not give the other 2 second names as it was so hard just to get one. But Rachel took it upon herself to give her and her brother other names so they are
Rachel Fuschia Rose and Caleb Dandilion Leaf ;-)

Lets hear your ideas.