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Take one toad

Posted on 01. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

It is a little ironic that I wrote an article for Natural Medicine on morning sickness that appears in this month’s magazine. The month I find out I am pregnant again and the dreaded morning sickness once again descends like a dark cloud around the otherwise sunny natured Pinky. Continue Reading →

A bitter pill to swallow

Posted on 28. Jul, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I have been on all sides of the abortion debate. I was very religious at a time, which, simply, made things clear cut.
I was a nursing student in a gynae ward, when the abortion act was passed, and the first abortions were performed.
And, for a while now, I have been pro-choice. I ultimately believe that a woman has autonomy over her body, and she
alone gets to decide what she does to it. But this autonomy is a lonely place, as I have just experienced firsthand. Continue Reading →

2 lines

Posted on 22. Jul, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

So, the Geek and I were sitting on the couch, watching The Big Bang Theory last Friday night, yes, and I AM aware of how exciting our lives are. Nothing like laughing at Sheldon’s social ineptitude to make one forget the looming question. I had mentioned to the Geek, that I thought I might be pregnant a few days before, but he was sure I was over reacting and reading stuff into every little twinge, and my not-dropping temperature*. I had asked him to get a pee-on-the-stick test on the way home. I could not face the questions from Pinklet1 just yet, as to “What’s that box with a baby picture, mommy and why are you buying it?”

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