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Half-Nekkid Thursday

Posted on 28. Oct, 2010 by pinky in HNT, Pinky

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I am getting used to the idea of a boy. Besides in Dutch scrabble ( the only one we have) boy is worth 12 and girl 6. Sadly a sentiment that still seems prevalent even today. I was surprised, or maybe not that surprised by some of the responses to the news that there is a blue bun in the pink oven.

Do you think boys are still valued more than girls?

Our first scan

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Many of you know that the T word has been tossed about a bit. I was showing early and looked huge for being just barely pregnant. I finally decided to go for a scan and just put my mind at rest. I knew that chances of 2 were ridiculously small but yet the worry was still there. I threatened to kill the poor Geek if it was two. I joked that I would leave him with 4 kids. When I phoned to make the appointment and found out that a 15min first appointment with the Dr costs R900 I nearly cancelled. WTF! I never went to a Dr with Rachel except at the end just to meet the backup Dr for my homebirth. I saw him once with Caleb as an emergency visit when we thought the placenta was coming detached but that was a weekend call out and still i don’t think as expensive.

I actually have never by choice gone for a scan this early. Well with Rachel I had none, and with Caleb only the one when it was an emergency. Now third time round you would think I would be old hat at this and more relaxed but no I am paranoid. But it is more than that. This time I have someone who is sharing this journey with me and is excited and involved. My ex never showed any interest in my pregnancies, he did not want to feel them move, he did not talk to them and in fact the whole thing was an annoyance to him. But The Geek is attentive and loving and rubs my tummy and has picked out his song he wants to play the baby when it can hear. He knows week by week what is happening. But it is hard for it to be anything but abstract to him. One of the reasons I decided to keep this appointment was that it was a way he could see his baby and feel more connected.

I was so nervous. This was my bump this morning a bit big for almost 12 weeks.

Geek met me at the Dr’s rooms and we got our first peek and confirmation of it being only 1 geekbaby. I liked the Dr he was happy with me seeing the midwife for most of the care. He did not push any test or appointments and was quiet but friendly. I think The Geek found him a bit reserved but I am used to quiet Drs, as this is what my dad is like. He was happy just to see as at 20 weeks for the scan to see the gender and to leave the rest to the midwife.

Here is the fist pics of our pink-geek-baby
I am 11weeks 6 days by my dates but baby is measuring 8 days bigger. How I have no idea, it is not like the geek or I are very big. Maybe it is just tall LOL

Pregnancy is killing my sex life!

Posted on 23. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I am so over being tired! At 10 weeks and some days, (Geek will be able to tell you the exact number of days as he is keeping track) the second trimester is nearly here upon us and it can’t come fast enough. This magic trimester is supposed to bring energy and yet you are not so big and uncomfortable you can’t enjoy it yet.

One of the reasons that I has not keen on being pregnant yet is that The Geek and I are still in the new exciting stage of a relationship with lots of sex. ( I can guarantee he is blushing enough to light a room at this stage.) But let’s say there is plenty of love and lust to go around. I know what kids does to ones sex life and selfishly I am not ready to give up great sex yet.

Now that the #pinkbun is in the oven it is imperative that we bank as much good sex as possiblee. The only damn problem is that I can’t stay awake past about 8pm! I am so tired all the horny just flies out the window.

So bring on the energy I have sex I need to be having! And next time you see poor Geek spare a thought for him and his plight of the exhausted girlfriend.

9w5d bump

Posted on 18. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky


Yes yes I am well aware that at 9 weeks there should not be a bump but there is so I might as well show you.

Fits in with The Geek posting how big #pinkbun is, so if it is only an inch one has to wonder what all the rest of that is, too many melted cheese sandwiches? They are one of the few things I like eating.