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Where are my pants?

Posted on 16. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Now this is a blog post I never thought I would have to write. I had 2 trouble free pregnancies before. I was nauseous a lot and with Caleb I had some sever pain at 20 weeks which was a ligament stretching that got caught in front rather than behind the bump. But never anything serious. I never really enjoyed them and now I wonder why. I had it easy and stress free. Continue Reading →

Our first scan

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Many of you know that the T word has been tossed about a bit. I was showing early and looked huge for being just barely pregnant. I finally decided to go for a scan and just put my mind at rest. I knew that chances of 2 were ridiculously small but yet the worry was still there. I threatened to kill the poor Geek if it was two. I joked that I would leave him with 4 kids. When I phoned to make the appointment and found out that a 15min first appointment with the Dr costs R900 I nearly cancelled. WTF! I never went to a Dr with Rachel except at the end just to meet the backup Dr for my homebirth. I saw him once with Caleb as an emergency visit when we thought the placenta was coming detached but that was a weekend call out and still i don’t think as expensive.

I actually have never by choice gone for a scan this early. Well with Rachel I had none, and with Caleb only the one when it was an emergency. Now third time round you would think I would be old hat at this and more relaxed but no I am paranoid. But it is more than that. This time I have someone who is sharing this journey with me and is excited and involved. My ex never showed any interest in my pregnancies, he did not want to feel them move, he did not talk to them and in fact the whole thing was an annoyance to him. But The Geek is attentive and loving and rubs my tummy and has picked out his song he wants to play the baby when it can hear. He knows week by week what is happening. But it is hard for it to be anything but abstract to him. One of the reasons I decided to keep this appointment was that it was a way he could see his baby and feel more connected.

I was so nervous. This was my bump this morning a bit big for almost 12 weeks.

Geek met me at the Dr’s rooms and we got our first peek and confirmation of it being only 1 geekbaby. I liked the Dr he was happy with me seeing the midwife for most of the care. He did not push any test or appointments and was quiet but friendly. I think The Geek found him a bit reserved but I am used to quiet Drs, as this is what my dad is like. He was happy just to see as at 20 weeks for the scan to see the gender and to leave the rest to the midwife.

Here is the fist pics of our pink-geek-baby
I am 11weeks 6 days by my dates but baby is measuring 8 days bigger. How I have no idea, it is not like the geek or I are very big. Maybe it is just tall LOL

Unassisted birth again?

Posted on 21. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Not everyone knows but I had an unassisted birth with my 2nd child. Here is the birth story and an article I wrote for parent24.

So I have naturally been asked if I am going to do it again. The answer is no. I do not think that South Africa has an adequate backup system for me to consider this option. In the UK you phone 999 an ambulance arrives minutes later ( I lived in a well staffed area) the NHS hospitals have to admit you, you do not need a specific Dr at the hospital before they will see you. I was known to the system and had a file with the midwives so it would be an easy transfer if I was worried. Here it is not the same. State hospitals are understaffed and private work only with patients known to the Drs that work there, which I can understand.

So this left me to find a midwife that was willing to be really hands off. I found the perfect midwife that believes in undisturbed birth but sods law she is leaving CT for Durban at the end of February and I am due in mid March. Although Caleb was 2 weeks before due date, it can’t be guaranteed

So the hunt was on again. I found a lady in Muizenberg who worked at Mowbray Active birth unit and backed up at hospital in Pinelands and she was willing to do home births in Northern Suburbs but I was not totally thrilled with the long distance to the backup hospitals.

When we made the offer on the house in Dynefontein/Melkbosstrand I looked to see if there were midwives in the area and there is one. She also covers Northern Subs and has backup Drs in both areas for close transfer if needed. I am going to meet her in Monday and really hope she is open to being very hands off. Slowly but surely everything is falling into place for home birth 3. Now I need to do is: make sure that pinkbun is only one or convince them I can home birth twins, find a birth pool hire in CT, move too our bigger house and twists The Geeks skeptical mind to come with me to Hypnobirthing classes.

I have a small confession to make

Posted on 04. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

While I was in Pretoria, and none the wiser that pinkgeek baby had taken up board and lodging, I saw this baby gro in Pick n Pay. I thought it was so cute because Geek and I met on Twitter and we should get something like that for our baby one day. I walked past it a few times and finally on one of my last days in Pta a bought it, I reasoned that when we do finally ( queue hystirical laughter) have our own baby in the long and distant future it would be cute to have this little body suit thingy for our baby ( what is it called, it is not a vest, it is not a baby gro?) Continue Reading →