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Decorating #Koos

Posted on 31. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

My friend Catherine did some maternity photos for me which I will do in a separate post but in the set was the kids decorating #Koos with face paint which I thought was kind of sweet.

#Koos is going to have plenty of decorating by the time he arrives I am busy looking at henna belly designs and will do a poll to see what you guys think I should do

Sorry need a little moan

Posted on 31. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

I am very sorry to moan and I know all in all I have been very well and had an easy pregnancy. I also know I should be grateful as there are people who would love to be pregnant and I hope I do not sound insensitive, but I need a little moan.

I feel crap, I am constantly tired, lifting my arm seems like a lot of effort. I get short of breath going to the loo. I could honestly sleep all day. Last time the midwife was here my blood pressure was very low and I think my iron is too. I have been taking Floradix to help with the iron. The midwife is coming tomorrow so will chat to her. I really don’t want blood tests.

And of course the heartburn, squashed stomach, sore ribs and 400 night trips to the loo. Not to mention nausea, yes 34 weeks later and if I skip or forget my pills I feel ghastly.

I know the last part is all uncomfortable and you feel huge but somehow this time I am really struggling. I wonder how much age has to do with it. 6 years older and this feels harder

That said look at these comparison pictures a friend did for me of the 3 bumps when I posted them over the years on a parenting forum. Once I have my laptop back I need to try find the missing picture of Pinklet girl. Quite a difference in the 3.


While I know 34 weeks is too early and I will be tired with a new baby. I can’t help but hope this last part passes quickly. Okay moan over – sorry

2 months left – need to get my A into G

Posted on 02. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

9 months always feels like a ridiculously long time to be pregnant but in some ways it is a really good thing. Seeing as this was a lot sooner than expected it gave The Geek and I a chance to settle in more and of course the Pinklets too. I can honestly report that with Christmas under the belt and 7 more months of time together this feel like a real family. Sure we have our ups and downs but for the most part I think that is just normal family life.

Now suddenly the sand is running out of the hour glass and I can’t keep putting off actually planning and buying stuff with the excuse that we have ages left. That said WOW I have been bowled over by the kindness of others. With all the stuff from my sister, Cazpi, Shelly, Megan, Meea, Coral-Leigh, Tamiya and Leigh-Ann we are sorted for all clothes 0-3 months, a lot of 3-6months, cot, pram, car seat, high chair, bumbo, breast pump, baby monitors and more. I am so overwhelmed with peoples kindness. Money is tight and we would have managed but it would have been a scrap, now with so many of these big things people have passed on the stress is a lot less.

I must start a list of the things that we do need and truth be told I am actually getting quite excited. Yes the thought of a tiny baby, 2 Pinklets, home schooling, writing and running 2 small business from home, does scare me a little but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Geek will do everything he can to help as much as possible.

72 days to go, but given that Pinklet boy was 2 weeks early I am thinking end of Feb, beginning of March rather than mid March but who knows. That is one thing that #koos will keep us guessing on until the moment everything is ready and our birthing journey begins.

So what is your list of essentials that I need to remember? It has been a while since I did this

Half-Nekkid Thursday

Posted on 18. Nov, 2010 by pinky in HNT, Pinky

Half-Nekkid Thursday is hosted by Osbasso at Views From The Back Row

Join in it is fun and can be as risqué or not as you like

Here are the HNT Rules

mohers hands

I have moved away from he bump and pregnancy photos today as it did not seem appropriate in the light of all that is going on here. The Geek’s sister is very unwell in hospital, she had to have emergency surgery last night. I was at home with the kids while the Geek was with his mom at the hospital.

I went into my daughters room and just sat holding there holding her hand. As a mom they always say that when you have a kid it is like having your heart walking around outside your body. Seeing them hurt is horrible, you would do anything to take their pain away. I have sat at the bedside of a sick child when I watched Pinklet boy struggle for every breath at 5 months on a breathing machine. It is the most helpless, scary feeling in the world, you so wish you could fight for them or take it all on yourself.

Ouma Annatjie The Geek’s mom sat with her daughter last night and I know this must be hurting her so much. She is so good to the Pinklets and me, she has welcomed us into the family and the kids adore her. Being a mom is such a hard job and it does not get less painful because they get older.

Dear Geek

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I have been doing the 30 days of Truth meme over on my own blog. There have been a lot of days questions where I could have written about The Geek but did not. The one was about someone who makes your life worth living and many said their partner, I said I had to find worth in myself and that others could only adding meaning and pleasure. There was one about someone you could not live without and again I said having lost the true me in my marriage before the person I could not live without was the Pink Hair Girl inside. Then today the topic was on writing a play list to someone, I chose my daughter, again many did their partners.

I made me feel a little bad, but for those questions and that Meme those answers seemed like the best ones. It does not mean that The Geek is not the man I want to spend forever with or that I value him any less. Anyone who follows this blog knows that The Geek does not find blurting all he feels out all over a blog as easy as I do. But when he does sit down and share his thoughts and words they are always touching and show how deeply he does thinks and feels about things.

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