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One of the small indignities of pregnancy

Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

If you know me then you have probably read about my shy bowles and paranoia about people know I am going to the loo.

In fact on this blog on the 7th of August in my post about Pooh Seeds I mentioned that for someone who hates it so much I sure have blogged about it a lot. I said that I hope but did not promise it was the last time the subject would have to come up. Well alas no, pregnancy has more indignities in store for me the bowel paranoid.

So once the first trimester constipation resolves itself and your belly grows to epic proportions it puts pressure on the digestive track both top on bottom. So your stomach feels smaller and you can’t eat a full meal but rather have to snack all day, if you do eat too much or the wrong foods you land up with heart burn. And no matter how much it feels like my Oesophagus is on fire I can not actually get Gaviscon liquid down. It is thick and tastes like peppermint chalk. I heave the moment I try swallow it. The tablets are marginally better but not really all that effective.

But far worse that the discomfort of heart burn is what the pressure on the other end causes. Involuntary farts! If you think I am paranoid about who knows I am pooing, don’t even mention the ‘earth-swallow-me-now’ indignity of anyone knowing you farted. But yay good old pregnancy with the increased pressure from the weight of the baby and the relaxing effect of progesterone on ligmaments, sphincters etc means that these farts can happen without warning any time, any place. I remember MeeA blogging about it happening in front of the insurance assessor when she was pregnant. It is so embarrassing

Pinklet boy of course thinks that it is the funniest thing ever and being a true 3 year old boy will laugh loudly and discuss it on the top of his voice. The Geek to his utmost credit will pretend that it has never happened and let me totally ignore the event. So with my dignity battered but slightly in tact I am reminded how awesome he is.

Hypnobirthing and how the dishes landed outside

Posted on 13. Oct, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I was lazing in bed this morning, last night I had struggled to get to sleep and finally managed to count the last sheep at about 2am. At 8:45 – okay it might have been closer to 9 *blush* I crawl out of bed and walk to the kitchen. Disaster zone before my eyes. I was lazy last night and decided to knit a new hat for my new knitting project and tweet for name ideas rather than wash the dishes. And there were a lot! I ┬áhad made the best spinach and ricotta canelloni ever, I was hesitant that the kids would not eat it, but my fears were in vain they fought over the last piece. Continue Reading →

The pee sneeze

Posted on 13. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

pee sneeze

This is something women who have had kids know about and something that I think few men have even┬áconsidered. But having a baby grow and push on your pelvic floor muscles for 9 months means they are a little weaker than before. After more than one pregnancy the effects can be felt. It does not matter what kind of birth you have, it is not the few hours in labour that causes the most damage to these muscles, it is pregnancy, the weight of the baby and the hormones that cause all the muscles, ligmanent and all down there to loosen. Continue Reading →