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Question for the boys

Posted on 07. Dec, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Do you find pregnant women sexy? It is certainly hard to feel sexy when you waddle, nothing fits and your body feels like it has been taken over by an alien.

Our media and society puts so much emphasis on stick thin billboard models, it is hard as a women not to buy into the notion that it is how we should look. So when your abdomen is expanding, not to mention other parts of the anatomy it can be hard for women to feel sexy at all.

I was googling maternity photos over the weekend and some were very beautiful and the women looked comfortable and gorgeous with their rounded shape. Even made me consider nude photos.

Logically the continuation of the species relies on procreation, surely men in some way must be attracted to the shape and shape of fertility? Soft round breast, full hips, round belly.

The Geek tells me I look great all the time. He uses the words sexy and hot. It is a great confidence boost, but it leaves me wondering does the Geek just feels the need to boost my confidence as he knows women often feel unattractive at this time? The added bonus to him of this is, more chance of sex, and let’s face it we all have banking some now as it might be in short supply later.

Or is it true does he really like me like this? Has the media sold us short on what normal men want or find attractive, is a curved, softer woman attractive to normal men.

So guys of you are brave enough please tell me what you think. Ladies did you feel sexy when pregnant?

Can’t wait to share

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I have been able to feel #superpinkbaby for a while now, granted I have to be sitting quite sit and it is still very tiny fluttery movements. My ex was never interested, he never wanted to feel the other 2 move so it is not something I have really shared before. The Geek however can’t wait. He puts his hand on my tummy from time to time in the evening, but it is still too early. For those who’s partners were involved and wanted to feel the baby, when was he able to feel it? Not having shared it before I can’t rememeber when people could feel the other 2 from the out side. Continue Reading →

No more moaning

Posted on 05. Oct, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

well maybe only a little ;-)

Like I said on my personal blog I am reading a book on birth, well hypnobirthing actually. It was talking about the mind body connection, how what we think, influences what happens to us. While she was focusing on birth but also talking about the stuff that we attract to us in our everyday life can be influenced by our thoughts. Continue Reading →

Where are my pants?

Posted on 16. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Now this is a blog post I never thought I would have to write. I had 2 trouble free pregnancies before. I was nauseous a lot and with Caleb I had some sever pain at 20 weeks which was a ligament stretching that got caught in front rather than behind the bump. But never anything serious. I never really enjoyed them and now I wonder why. I had it easy and stress free. Continue Reading →

I can’t win

Posted on 02. Sep, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

So why if having twins would be the worst thing in the world right now, is there a tiny part of me that is disappointed and sad? Pregnant female hormones are just not to be trusted. There are a thousand good reasons why it would have been terrible

1) I would have to kill The Geek like I threatened
2) And this is SSSOOO vain, but I managed to get away with very few stretch marks with the other 2, if it was twins I was worried about what it would do to me ( shallow I know)
3) We can not afford this baby let alone 2. I will maybe if I change the other kids car seat be able to get away with using my car but with 2 we would have to buy another and we can’t.
4) I was so worried that I would not be allowed to have a natural birth, well allowed is a strong word as I would have fought tooth and nail for a natural birth if they were term and head down. But I was pretty sure i would not have found anyone to do a home birth. I have always birthed at home, it is where I feel safe.
5) I was worried about my 2 and the effect of having me so busy with 2 babies and if i could manage to still home school
6) I was worried about breast feeding 2, slinging 2, co-sleeping with 2 and all the other wacky attachment parenting things that I do.

And the list could go on, BUT why then do I have this little part of me that is sad?
I guess even when you have the idea of something and it is taken away there is a little bit of grief.
Besides it would have made a kick ass birth story to have birth twins naturally…

Oh well now we get on with have our 1 baby and be happy.