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Posted on 10. Dec, 2010 by geek in The Geek

Family members and those likely to be embarassed by sexual admissions, please scroll on by!

I think it’s time to just state matter of factly how sexy I find Pinky right now. It might be the glowing smile and general broodiness, the fact that I find her gorgeous or even a biological drive to the mother of my child… but I can’t keep my hands to myself.

Beyond my new obsession with her tummy, I often look at her and I’m floored by how beautiful and radiant she looks. Having the kids at their grandparents has definitely helped with the banking for later! ;)

< /TMI >

Question for the boys

Posted on 07. Dec, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Do you find pregnant women sexy? It is certainly hard to feel sexy when you waddle, nothing fits and your body feels like it has been taken over by an alien.

Our media and society puts so much emphasis on stick thin billboard models, it is hard as a women not to buy into the notion that it is how we should look. So when your abdomen is expanding, not to mention other parts of the anatomy it can be hard for women to feel sexy at all.

I was googling maternity photos over the weekend and some were very beautiful and the women looked comfortable and gorgeous with their rounded shape. Even made me consider nude photos.

Logically the continuation of the species relies on procreation, surely men in some way must be attracted to the shape and shape of fertility? Soft round breast, full hips, round belly.

The Geek tells me I look great all the time. He uses the words sexy and hot. It is a great confidence boost, but it leaves me wondering does the Geek just feels the need to boost my confidence as he knows women often feel unattractive at this time? The added bonus to him of this is, more chance of sex, and let’s face it we all have banking some now as it might be in short supply later.

Or is it true does he really like me like this? Has the media sold us short on what normal men want or find attractive, is a curved, softer woman attractive to normal men.

So guys of you are brave enough please tell me what you think. Ladies did you feel sexy when pregnant?

I am wearing the ‘I had sex’ badge

Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

Being pregnant is like wearing a big ” I had sex” slogan across your t-shirt. No one likes to imagine people they know actually having sex, especially friends, parents, siblings etc. We all know it happens and that neither we, nor the sprogs of our friends got there by wind pollination. As much as we might like to cling to this idea when thinking of our own parents.

Pregnancy is the public display to all that you had sex. The fact that everyone is trying to ignore and not think about at the social braai or family gathering is now out on display. You are announcing in no uncertain terms for the world to see that you had sex. Of course we know the non pregnant are having sex too, it is just easier to pretend they are not. You don’t have to try hard to block that part out, but wait until you have a bump – suddenly they all KNOW.

Telling your parents you are pregnant , no matter if the reaction is great excitement or rather more negative, still the unspoken conversation is there. “Mom, Dad, I had sex.” They do not want to think about this as your parents, nor do you as their child actually admit it, no matter how long or short you might have been with your partner. There are things kids and parents prefer not to discuss and sex is usually one of them.

But there is nothing quite like kids asking how the baby got in and will get out to highlight the fact that pregnancy draws attention to how the baby got in their in the first place. And you can sugar coat cute
egg and seed stories all you like but at some point they are going to understand the process of the 2 actually coming together (ooh look I made a clever pun)

I remember chatting to friends about kids discovering the birds and bees and most kids first getting the idea in terms of procreation, the realization that it is also just for fun comes later. As one friends daughter, who asked if she could watch the next time they were going to make a baby, illustrates.

How ironic that the one time in your life you wear the sex badge also is a sign of how in the future the amount you are going to be having said sex is about to decrease rapidly. Morning sickness, tiredness of the first trimester, expanding belly that needs to be planned around later and then of course the exhaustion of being a parent of a new baby that nothing can prepare you for, means you are going to be having less sex.

That said the 2nd trimester has not been that bad. So on that note of more admission of sex other than my expanding middle I leave you.

Lets talk about Boobs

Posted on 08. Nov, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

The mere fact of having boobs is a novelty for me. I love love love my newish implants. They have made the world of difference to me. It is not that I think about them all the time in fact I think about boobs less if that makes sense, it is now a non issue. I can get dressed and not stress that whatever I am wearing looks odd, as it was made to be filled by a more womanly shape. I don’t worry as much when clothes shopping. I don’t walk in a mall and wonder if people notice how flat chested I am. I don’t dread bra shopping, knowing that even the smallest size will not work but that I needed to wear something as no one like the smuggling smarties look.

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Pregnancy is killing my sex life!

Posted on 23. Aug, 2010 by pinky in Pinky

I am so over being tired! At 10 weeks and some days, (Geek will be able to tell you the exact number of days as he is keeping track) the second trimester is nearly here upon us and it can’t come fast enough. This magic trimester is supposed to bring energy and yet you are not so big and uncomfortable you can’t enjoy it yet.

One of the reasons that I has not keen on being pregnant yet is that The Geek and I are still in the new exciting stage of a relationship with lots of sex. ( I can guarantee he is blushing enough to light a room at this stage.) But let’s say there is plenty of love and lust to go around. I know what kids does to ones sex life and selfishly I am not ready to give up great sex yet.

Now that the #pinkbun is in the oven it is imperative that we bank as much good sex as possiblee. The only damn problem is that I can’t stay awake past about 8pm! I am so tired all the horny just flies out the window.

So bring on the energy I have sex I need to be having! And next time you see poor Geek spare a thought for him and his plight of the exhausted girlfriend.