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Home Birth Plans

Posted on 21. Feb, 2011 by pinky in Pinky, Uncategorized


I think I can finally say that I have everything ready for the birth. You would think that this being my 3rd homebirth I would know what you need and be a pro at planning. I always remember getting a big box of things ready and then whether we even used half of them I have no idea as you are not exaclty paying attention to what people are doing around you during labour.

So this time we have a table set up and I think I have everything.

Pool stuff:
Pool is blown up and in the study out of the way – just needs extra air added when needed, it has been cleaned and sterilized and we have the tap attachments so it can be filled. I am a bit worried that it takes long to fill but there is not much I can do about that.
I have plastic drop sheets for under the pool, heaps of towels, and old duvet to put under too to make it softer. I have the 2 packets of salt that we are supposed to put in the water to make it more sterile, I have heard mixed things about if this is really necessary but it does not do any harm and the midwives seem to be happier if you do it so I got the salt.

I have clothes for me
Very sexy tracksuit pant and big t-shirt for before the pool
and a swim top for in the pool. I want to be able to share some pics and video and felt more comfortable with a top on in Caleb’s birth than nothing in Rachel’s birth.

I have stuff for baby
hot waterbottles
new nappies I made specially for him as his first nappy
I have hats of various sizes

I have labour snacks, both the other times I planned snacks and never used them, so this time again I have stuff planned and not sure if I will use it but I am nearly positive that The Geek will make sure I eat something. He is sweet and over protective like that.

I have empty ice-cream tub for the placenta
I have box lined with big bag for rubbish, bucket, cleaning stuff ( handy andy, jik, cloths, paper towel etc)
I have the camera and video camera on the table all charged and ready
Linen savers for the bed and extra plastic covers for the couch if I want to sit there after the birth so it does not get wet or messed on, I have towels and old sheets to put over this on the couch
I have candles

Just need do sort out music and maybe some affirmation posters. Although I think i will just write a list of words I find useful and suggestions that The Geek and the Midwife can use when I am in labour. Usually have my eyes closed so I doubt I will read the posters.

Anything I have forgotten?

Belly Cast

Posted on 07. Feb, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

We made this last week in preparation for the baby shower as we wanted to use it like a visitors book that everyone could sign that came and joined us for the day. It was actually quite fun to make, and the Geek was so cute, trying to get it all perfect

Getting ready
Belly cast

The Geek reading the instructions
Belly cast

Hard at work
Belly cast

The end result, just had to stand a bit while it dried
Belly cast

The cast drying
Belly cast

We sealed it with Gesso which allso smooths it out and then sprayed it before putting it out for all to sign
Belly cast

Geek baby shower

Posted on 24. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

We have decided to have a baby celebration, it is less of a traditional baby shower and more of a braai and celebration with our friends. It Is The Geeks first baby and I really wanted him to be involved and not just a ladies only thing.

For us it is not about the gifts, we have had such generous donations from friends and family with clothes and stuff we are just about sorted. For us we want to share the day and have fun.

I wanted to decide on a theme or what decorations we were going to make so I thought of doing a geek baby shower. I think since we met on line and The Geek is well… a geek it was fitting.

Some of my ideas so far
- Greek alphabet cupcakes
- Tetras cake
- kubik’s cube, computer stuff, abacus, ABC blocks decorations
- Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock competition for a cool prize
- formula and equations and stuff on the walls and some problem to solve at the loo for those who fancy.

Other ideas? my poor brain is hot and not working that well

I have also decided to add my own more Hippy tenancies as The geek calls them and have a belly cast done before and get everyone to sign it. I also want to get a henna belly done earlier in the day and have the #Koos house all decorated for the day.

I am quite excited it should be fun so if you are in CT on 5 Feb and want to come join us please shout so I can send you the details, this is a relaxed fun afternoon so feel free to join

One of the small indignities of pregnancy

Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

If you know me then you have probably read about my shy bowles and paranoia about people know I am going to the loo.

In fact on this blog on the 7th of August in my post about Pooh Seeds I mentioned that for someone who hates it so much I sure have blogged about it a lot. I said that I hope but did not promise it was the last time the subject would have to come up. Well alas no, pregnancy has more indignities in store for me the bowel paranoid.

So once the first trimester constipation resolves itself and your belly grows to epic proportions it puts pressure on the digestive track both top on bottom. So your stomach feels smaller and you can’t eat a full meal but rather have to snack all day, if you do eat too much or the wrong foods you land up with heart burn. And no matter how much it feels like my Oesophagus is on fire I can not actually get Gaviscon liquid down. It is thick and tastes like peppermint chalk. I heave the moment I try swallow it. The tablets are marginally better but not really all that effective.

But far worse that the discomfort of heart burn is what the pressure on the other end causes. Involuntary farts! If you think I am paranoid about who knows I am pooing, don’t even mention the ‘earth-swallow-me-now’ indignity of anyone knowing you farted. But yay good old pregnancy with the increased pressure from the weight of the baby and the relaxing effect of progesterone on ligmaments, sphincters etc means that these farts can happen without warning any time, any place. I remember MeeA blogging about it happening in front of the insurance assessor when she was pregnant. It is so embarrassing

Pinklet boy of course thinks that it is the funniest thing ever and being a true 3 year old boy will laugh loudly and discuss it on the top of his voice. The Geek to his utmost credit will pretend that it has never happened and let me totally ignore the event. So with my dignity battered but slightly in tact I am reminded how awesome he is.

2 months left – need to get my A into G

Posted on 02. Jan, 2011 by pinky in Pinky

9 months always feels like a ridiculously long time to be pregnant but in some ways it is a really good thing. Seeing as this was a lot sooner than expected it gave The Geek and I a chance to settle in more and of course the Pinklets too. I can honestly report that with Christmas under the belt and 7 more months of time together this feel like a real family. Sure we have our ups and downs but for the most part I think that is just normal family life.

Now suddenly the sand is running out of the hour glass and I can’t keep putting off actually planning and buying stuff with the excuse that we have ages left. That said WOW I have been bowled over by the kindness of others. With all the stuff from my sister, Cazpi, Shelly, Megan, Meea, Coral-Leigh, Tamiya and Leigh-Ann we are sorted for all clothes 0-3 months, a lot of 3-6months, cot, pram, car seat, high chair, bumbo, breast pump, baby monitors and more. I am so overwhelmed with peoples kindness. Money is tight and we would have managed but it would have been a scrap, now with so many of these big things people have passed on the stress is a lot less.

I must start a list of the things that we do need and truth be told I am actually getting quite excited. Yes the thought of a tiny baby, 2 Pinklets, home schooling, writing and running 2 small business from home, does scare me a little but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Geek will do everything he can to help as much as possible.

72 days to go, but given that Pinklet boy was 2 weeks early I am thinking end of Feb, beginning of March rather than mid March but who knows. That is one thing that #koos will keep us guessing on until the moment everything is ready and our birthing journey begins.

So what is your list of essentials that I need to remember? It has been a while since I did this